What is Accelerate?

Accelerate is a global database cache offered by Prisma. It is available in 280 locations that you can use to achieve up to 1000x faster database queries. Accelerate provides a globally distributed cache and scalable connection pooling for Serverless applications.

Accelerate provides a powerful API to improve response times and reduce database load. It works by caching data at the edge using established caching patterns that you control.

While Accelerate is beneficial for all types of applications, being at the edge provides additional benefits to edge function environments like Vercel Edge Functions, Cloudflare Workers, and Deno Deploy. Cache hits can be served from data centers near the user regardless of the region of the database.

<aside> 💡 Accelerate is in Early Access. While we have high confidence in our feature, the nature of an Early Access product is that significant iterations might happen at any time, so we would advise against placing it in a system that requires stability.


<aside> 💡 All database queries not served from the cache (eg: write queries, cache misses, etc.) are routed through a database connection pool, similar to the Prisma Data Proxy. Currently, this infrastructure is only available in one region: West Virginia. In case the database is hosted far away from the Accelerate infrastructure, latency for queries to the database might be negatively affected. We are working on adding support for more regions.


Quickstart: Adding Accelerate to an existing project


To be able to participate in Accelerate’s Early Access program, you need the following prerequisites:

<aside> 💡 During early access, we can allow only a certain number of participants to join. To get access to Accelerate please join the waitlist.


1. Create an account

After you received an email invitation to Accelerate its time to create your account and project.

  1. Go to https://accelerate.prisma.io.