Developers rely on the database specifics to fine-tune the types of columns they use in their tables in order to optimize space usage, or benefit from vendor-specific database features such as full-text search, geospatial coordinates, etc.

Prisma does provide support for the most generic scalar types across vendors but doesn't support defining specific types. This requires developers to fall back on defining schemas using SQL and lean on introspection to guarantee the fine-grained control they need.


We released a preview of this feature in 2.11.0 which offers a set of new scalar types, along with the capacity to represent and fine-tune the underlying database type used under the hood. Check out the release notes to learn more!

In 2.15.0, support for extended native types was added to Prisma Migrate. Check out the release notes to learn more!

Documentation for native types can be found here: https://www.prisma.io/docs/concepts/components/preview-features/native-types