What We Care About

Prisma is a company that is dedicated to making working with databases easy, reliable, & (type-)safe. This is made possible by the dedication and talents of employees and contributors from all over the world, and at Prisma, we take our position as a part of a global community seriously. That is why we believe in supporting causes that enrich and respect human lives; increase climate change awareness; promote diversity, equity, and inclusion; and move society forward.

This page provides information about specific initiatives and concrete steps that Prisma takes on the far-reaching social issues and global threats that affect so many.

While Prisma seeks to amplify and support important causes, we believe that organizations and non-profits often require direct financial support to fuel meaningful change. To support this goal, Prisma matches donations from our employees to social, international, and global causes.

Our Causes


<aside> đź“Ś To help Ukraine, Prisma will match all employee donations and proven community donations, up to $100K. Donate to help Ukrainians


On February 24th, 2022, Russia launched a military invasion of Ukraine. As the bombardment and airstrikes continue, so too does the humanitarian crisis that is a direct consequence of Putin’s acts of aggression. As people take refuge in bomb shelters, flee their homes, or attempt to find sanctuary across borders in neighboring countries, we must bear witness and do what we can to help and support those affected. At Prisma, we are heartbroken by these events, and our deepest sympathies go out to our friends, coworkers, and professional partners in Ukraine. As this conflict continues to unfold, we at Prisma continue to hope for the safety, wellbeing, and freedom of the Ukrainian people.

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IG: @clay.banks via Unsplash

IG: @clay.banks via Unsplash

Black Lives Matter

Prisma stands in support and solidarity with Black Lives Matter. As a network, an organization, and a political, social, and ideological movement, Black Lives Matter is dedicated to recognizing the continuing legacy and inequities created by systemic racism; eradicating white supremacy; and stopping the violence that is perpetrated against Black people and communities of color. In an unjust world, it is our duty—as individuals and at the collective-level—to stand together and address issues of inequality.

Climate Change

Climate change, the most significant environmental challenge our species has ever faced, is happening before our very eyes. It is not slowing down. Every single year of the last decade, 2013-2021, has ranked among “the ten-warmest years on record”, and over a million species are at serious risk of extinction due to climate change. The worst of these planet-altering impacts could be irreversible by 2030. Prisma is committed to supporting initiatives that raise awareness about and combat the effects of climate change. We will all be affected by this, and we owe it to the places, people, and wildlife of this planet to make substantial changes and reduce our impact on the climate.


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